Two MEUSD Schools Benefit from the Stoney’s Kids Grant Award

The 300 or so students attending two small elementary schools in the Mountain Empire Unified School District are now enjoying brightly colored indoor gyms — thanks to two generous $5,000 donations. The donations were given to Descanso Elementary and Clover Flat Elementary Schools by the Stoney’s Kids Legacy Grant to be used for the construction of an indoor gym, including supplies.

Each gym was happily welcomed by everyone involved at their respective schools and were built by the loving labor of Mountain Empire Unified’s own employees. Students are especially excited for these new editions to their schools. Extreme weather conditions including snow, wind, and heat may keep the Jr Redhawks of Descanso and Clover Flat Elementary Schools indoors for physical education or recess. Gyms like the ones provided by Stoney’s Kids Legacy mean students will still be able to release their energy and enjoy physical fitness activities regardless of what is going on outside.

The district also received a $2000 donation from Kumeyaay Wind and  a $1000 donation from the Boulevard Fellowship in order to complete the two gyms. Both gyms are fully equipped as full workout gyms that includes many options to keep children exercised and occupied. Students have everything they need to participate in yoga, gymnastics, or step aerobics, with mats, blocks, steps, and videos provided. The gyms are also equipped with trampolines, hand weight sets, resistance band sets, balance equipment, scooters, jump ropes, hula hoops, circuit training options, agility equipment, exercise balls and a mirrored wall for dance practice.

Stoney’s Kids Legacy is a non profit organization that has been serving underprivileged kids in East County, San Diego for 26 years. The founder, Stoney Stone, created Stoney’s Kids as a way to provide kids with the things they need to enjoy being a kid and to provide support to students who do not have opportunities their peers may be afforded. The foundation is centered on a culture of generosity where “It’s All About the Kids.”

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