Our Portfolio

project development

Our wind, solar, and energy storage capabilities continue to grow through ongoing investment in our existing portfolio and our active pursuit of new opportunities through greenfield development and acquisition opportunities. We currently have 30+ GW of wind, solar, and battery storage projects under development spanning over 130+ projects.

We generate clean, renewable electricity at our 22 wind farms across the country.  With our recent construction projects having come online, our generating capacity now exceeds 2.5 gigawatts.

This method of low environmental impact energy production provides reliable and cost-effective clean energy to our customers and remains a key aspect of our growth plan.

With new emerging tech and advancements in design and supply chain over the last decade, solar power has become an increasingly efficient and cost-competitive source of energy. With the cost of solar energy generation rivaling and beating that of traditional fossil fueled generation, LRE is aggressively expanding our renewable portfolio into the solar sector with a significant development pipeline across 20 states.

As more of our energy comes from renewable generation and less from fossil fuels, energy storage will be a key technology to ensure a flexible and reliable grid. Energy storage is growing rapidly and will become an increasingly important part of our grid infrastructure over the coming years.

We are building a diverse pipeline of innovative storage projects, both standalone and collocated with our renewable facilities, to help lead the industry forward in this new and exciting space.