We consistently attract diverse talent and top industry professionals thanks to a generous compensation package and a shared passion for building a cleaner, safer, more sustainable future.

  • Industry-competitive salary and bonuses
  • 401K savings plan with up to 6% match
  • Generous paid time off, parental leave, floating holidays, and company-observed holidays
  • Life, AD&D, and Short- and Long-Term Disability insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account, including health care and dependent care
  • Numerous career and personal development programs
  • Volunteer opportunities and company outings

Leeward Renewable Energy (LRE) is always looking for talented employees in Development, Operations, Engineering, Finance, and Legal.

Our People

I like being on a team that is developing ideas and technology to diversify the way we use our planet’s energy and resources.

Carol K

Involvement in new projects, new challenges, and team work.

Bent K

The energy transition represents a rare and exciting moment to reimagine something fundamental to the way we live.

Robert K

Opportunities to make an impact and see the results of your work.

Ronald G

The focus on safety and making field work safer.

C.J. H

Coming from the military, camaraderie was important and there is plenty of that here.

Chase G

LRE strives to meet the goals of renewable needs throughout the US and is continuously seeking opportunities to expand its portfolio.

Kory F

LRE has a great group of people focused on getting the job done.

Greg F

I want to work for a company that will have a positive effect on the world.

Corey D

I choose to work in renewable energy because it is a growing industry and good for the environment.

Leena C

I am interested in making our planet a better and less polluted environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Lindy B

I want my work to have a positive impact on the world.

Joseph B

I love working at LRE because everyday is a new opportunity to make a positive impact on the world.

Jason A

I enjoy working in Human Resources for a renewable energy company that is helping to sustain a better future for the next generation.

Chelsea L

To do my part in providing the next generation with environmentally friendly sustainable energy.

Sam M

I have the support from managers and leaders to develop and implement new ideas.

Brandi M

It is exciting to be a part of an emerging industry that we have already seen changing the world.

Kelly P

An environment that creates the perfect work/life balance while maintaining excellent business ethics and professional growth for employees.

Alexandria P

I joined LRE because it was committed to growing and the opportunity set for my career was large and well defined.

Massimo P

An opportunity to learn and grow professionally across legal, financial, engineering, construction, O&M, and other areas of expertise.

Paul P

LRE has a tight knit strong team culture, allowing for access to everything needed for personal and professional growth.

Kyle R

I wanted to be in a growing industry where the future holds a wide variety of opportunities and helps the environment.

Kazi R

I chose the renewable energy field because I’ve always wanted to be part of a shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Jonathan S

I decided the best way for me to make an impact on reducing the effects of climate change was for me to work in renewable energy.

Candace W

I chose the field of renewable energy 36 years ago due to my interest in cleaning up the environment, particularly the air quality.

Duane Y

I am passionate about the outdoors and the environment. And I love that I can tell my kids that LRE is part of the solution.

Tedd M

I am proud to work at LRE because I truly believe we make a positive impact on the climate and communities we live in.

Karla B

I’ve always been passionate about protecting the planet and everyone in it which is what makes working for LRE so rewarding.

Evelyn Z

Knowing that I am helping build projects that will contribute to the world’s need for renewable energy motivates me every day.

Joe G

What motivates me are the great people LRE has across all disciplines and aspects of projects leading growth in the renewable energy industry.

Kelly I

I am proud to work at LRE and be part of an established team with a proven track record of operational excellence.

Mark D

I’m a believer in renewable energy and am proud to work for a company that strives to make a positive impact in our communities and world.

Mark H

The work I do directly impacts the company and its ability to provide renewable clean energy to the country.

Olay M

I am motivated by working with a great team and delivering renewable energy while reducing environmental and community impacts.

Chris M