Project overview

Leeward Renewable Energy’s (LRE) Sweetwater 3 project is situated on 11,520 acres in Nolan County, Texas, and initially reached commercial operation in 2005.  Originally 135 MW comprised of 90 GE 1.5 MW wind turbine generators, we repowered the project in 2020. In the repowering, we replaced and enhanced major turbine equipment and installed longer blades to enhance the turbines’ efficiency and energy production. We increased the capacity of each wind turbine generator to 1.62 MW and the nameplate capacity of the facility to 146 MW. The newly repowered project reached commercial operation in 2020. CPS Energy, our long-term offtake partner since the project’s inception, continues to purchase a portion of the output from the Sweetwater 3 project.

  • 146 MW
    Renewable Energy Capacity
  • 2020
  • GE
    Wind turbine technology
  • City Public Service Board of San Antonio
    Offtake Partner